What's The Definition Of Corporate Sales?


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The definition of Corporate Sales is, in simple terms, a large order or sale between two large companies. This is also referred to as Business to Business Sales or quite simply 'B2B'.
For example, a company such as a large utility business (ie British Gas, EON or N Power) would have a corporate sales department. The job of the employees in this department would be to make sales to other large companies. Let's imagine EON approach Tesco, pitching to be their main supplier of all their electricity and gas usage in every store across the country. If the sale was agreed and finalised the sale would be considered a Corporate sale, as it is an agreement between two large companies and would involve a considerable amount of money.
For someone looking into getting into Corporate selling, it would be wise to have some sort of experience in sales and to be relatively confident on the phone as some Corporate Sales positions require you to Cold Call - this means you will be calling a company without them expecting your call or pitch, so perseverance is needed.
Most companies have databases and expect the operator to work to certain guidelines and follow a certain pitch in order to get their product across correctly, and at the same time keep the customer interested.
However, some Corporate Sales jobs require you to visit the company's headquarters and sell face to face. This means that you will also need to be confident when delivering your pitch in the flesh, as usually you will be meeting sometimes more than one customer face to face. Like in all sales, not just corporate, it's always important to be  friendly, confident and possess good knowledge of your product, which will give you the best chance at clinching a deal.
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Corporate sale is a term defined for the sale of a product or service to the corporate sector. It is unlike door to door selling to the individuals.
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Corporate sales refer to the business to business (B2B) sales. It is the sales activity that is characterized by the sales of a company's products to another company. Here instead of the individual customer, the customer is another company.
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Corporate sales are the sales of goods/services made to the corporate citizens or corporate clients, not to the common consumers. These are b-2-b sales.
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Corporate sales are considered very profitable because they are large sales & they result in strong relationship with the buyers.
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