What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertisement?


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Advantages of advertising are to get your company's name known to a wider range of your target audience and gain more sales. If your company's target audience does not know you exist, they will not know to look for you. It is a cycle that you have to be aware of.

Many companies succeed in brick and mortar as well as online, because they advertise.

The type of advertising you do will determine what the other advantages are as well as the disadvantages. One disadvantage of advertising is that you have to be truthful so as not to lie or mislead your consumers. This includes what positive information you provide about your product or service.

Another disadvantage is gaining too many clients at once from the advertising so that you are unable to expand to meet the needs of your consumers. This could actually create a bad reputation for you.

Advertisements on TV are quickly becoming a thing of the past because of the expense and the cheaper online methods for advertising. It is highly cost effective to do an Internet TV ad on Hulu and similar sites like YouTube rather than produce one for regular broadcasting.

You may see more for online advertising because we are an electronic age. Billboards are another thing of the past that can be quite expensive for smaller companies. Corporations tend to still use bus, billboard, and TV ads. This is OK for them since they have the budget for it.

Other advertisement methods such as flyers, brochures, booklets, and magazines can be helpful tools too. It is best to determine the advantages and disadvantages of an advertisement based on the method you will use. The expense of advertising is another disadvantage that can be lessened, as mentioned, by choosing less expensive methods for advertisements.
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Advantages may include
1. You know the choices in the market
2. You know your product
3. You know the competitors and can make a better decision

Disadvantages are
1. Its expensive process
2. Its a loss if they are not getting expected out come
3. They make their customer want more

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  It creates the possibility of wrong purchases. Being impressed by the advertisement, in some cases, a person is not able to purchase the commodity, which he actually wants to purchase.
Increases the cost:
  It increases the cost of goods. The cost of the advertisement is included in the price and is ultimately borne by the customers.
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Which one has more points that are stronger and debatable -ADVANTAGES OR DISADVANTAGES OF ADVERTISEMENT
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The advantage of advertising is that you get your product out in the general population or whomever you target .a disadvantage is that it can cost quite a bit to advertise.
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One of the best things about advertisements is that you have a wide range of choices to promote the product. You can advertise using newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, TV, Radio, internet, direct mailing, telemarketing and specialty advertising. This enables you to approach the target customer through the medium that suits best. You can approach the masses. Advertising is a much cheaper promotional tool than others like PR.
The greatest drawback related to advertising is that there is no guarantee that the ad would be seen or heard by the targeted person and even if it does reach them, it does not always guarantee an increase in the sale of the product. While print ads might not cost much, the cost of the airtime on TV and radio might be greater than what you are gaining by running the ad. You can find the advantages and disadvantages of each medium of advertisements here:


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With the help of effect marketing you and your business in many ways. Effective marketing should target the right people, place and should be run at right time.

1. Effective marketing can help you to create brand image.
2. One can capture a huge market share.
3. Can Increase profit.
4. Can help to compete the competitors.
5. The right words in ad and picture of the product will boost your Sales and might create brand name world wide.

For demerits or negative effect of marketing please click here.

Have a nice day :)
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*  Allows you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area
    * You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper
    * Your ad can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as you care to tell
    * Exposure to your ad is not limited; readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired.
    * Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available
    * Quick turn-around helps your ad reflect the changing market conditions. The ad you decide to run today can be in your customers' hands in one to two days.

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