What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flyers?


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Flyer is a graphical piece of paper that any business would give out for free. The purpose of these flyers is to promote the business and to create image between the people of its existence. They are distributed to different people and to the present clients in order to make them more aware about the company. They are distributed on the streets, left in postboxes or sent by mail. They hold information about the company, its business, products and services and contact details. The advantages of flyers are.

• They help in promoting the company as well as enhancing the business
• They are cheap and price effective
• They are used to attract customer
• They have a large reach
• Update the people as well as customers about company's product and services.
• They are easy to distribute as well as easy to design.
• Target market is big.
• Easy and inexpensive communication or marketing medium.


• They are not very persuasive marketing tool
• Many customers take it for granted.
• When dealing with large group of target market then they can be costly
• Flyers do not have a long-term impact
• Strategies to make people observe these flyers are important
• There is a lot of chance that the reader might miss out the messages as flyers are barely considered as important

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