How Much Does A Bussines Ad Cost To Place In The Yellow Pages?


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The Yellow Pages is a great way to advertise your business. It’s essentially a huge telephone directory of businesses, assorted by their categories in relation to the product and service that they provide. With such notoriety, it’s understandable that you want to get your business advertised in it. There is of course a cost associated with it, no matter where you live. In the United Kingdom, you can expect a full colour quarter-page ad to cost around £3,000, whilst a full page advertisement in the Yellow Pages could be anywhere up to £10,000.

In the United States, the cost is relatively similar. Your advertisement’s size is taken into account, and can cost as little as $50 a month. A full-page colour advertisement in the book, however, would cost anywhere up to $12,000 a year. For many businesses, the cost isn’t an issue. The very fact that the Yellow Pages can provide a great deal of custom simply pays for the expense of the marketing campaign.

The company is notorious, with people across the world knowing precisely what the book is. After all, Yellow Pages is often a saviour for so many people! Whether they’re looking for a plumber or a dog groomer, the Yellow Pages has provided them with the number they need.

Get in touch with Yellow Pages directly and you’ll be able to get a better quote, but these prices are general estimations. You could find a huge amount of custom coming from the Yellow Pages, so it’s worth getting in touch for a quote!
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You have to enter the product or service, and the area you will be advertising in, and then you can calculate the rate. The website is here.

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