Can You Quit Your Job Due To Health Condition And Still Get Unemployment?


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No, this does not seem to be quite a possible incidence. But you can check with your employer or manager and they might agree to it because every organization has its own set of policies and guidelines that it follows regarding compensation issues.
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No is correct. If your DR says you are disabled than you cannot work, period. You have to apply for disability to collect SSI..
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You need to show this to your employer and discuss about this situation that you are not able to perform your job duties. Usually they'll have to resign your position and have you work on a different job assignment, one that you can handle. If for some reason they release you, you can file for unemployment. Quiting doesn't mean you will receive unemployment. Be sure to notify your employer before leaving your job. Otherwise you have no documentation to back you up.
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I quit my job due to health reason's and my request for time off was denied when I had 80 hrs of vacation time. So I quit and I was approved for unemployment
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I've had a heart attack, have arthritis in my back and simply cannot handle the
heavy lifting and running a buffer.
Can I receive OHIO unemployment if I leave my job due to my health?
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Yes because if their is life their is hope so I can quit my job because of my health

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