I Worked With Very Abusive Employer. If I Quit My Job, Will I Qualify For Unemployment Benefits?


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Oh man you didn't quit yet did you...
I know that in most states if you quit you can't collect unemployment, your best bet is if you haven't quit yet, get proof of the abuse, tape recorder, mini video cam something to take to your local labor board to show them why you can't work there anymore.... If you have already quit I don't know how your state works but good luck!

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Shirley McLean answered
You should somehow prove the abuse, and before you quit your job, if you haven't already done so, have some co-workers handy to back you up if you do. But before you quit, I would call my local unemployment office, and ask them this question. Also ask how to get benefits if you are forced to leave for your own mental health because of the abusive boss.
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Ace anonymous answered
It depends on the circumstances, but most likely no.
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No no and no. Sorry. If you quit. You get nothing
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Well if you quit your job then I you will be qualified for unemployment benefits I think
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Depends on the circumstances. If they decide to fight it, let them that way you can tell unemployment why you quit and you will have a better chance of collecting if unemployment knows what kind of work environment you were in that made you quit.
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You don't need to quit your job but put that focker in his place, stand up for your respect and if you got fired then you study about that bridge when you need to cross it.
You have no pressure so take my advice.

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