Can You Draw Unemployment If You Are Sick?


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One of the conditions of collecting uc is being realistically attached to the job market, in other words, being able and available for work. If you are working, become sick and have to quit your job due to health problems, then two issues must be adjudicated, first if you had good cause to quit your job, and second, whether you are able and available for work. In order for you to be ruled eligible on the first issue, you must inform your employer of your health problem before you quit and submit to them any limitations you need in order to remain working. The employer then has to offer you a job within your limitations. If the employer offers you work within your limitations, then you must take the work. If your employer does not have a job for you within your limitations, then most likely you will be ruled eligible on this issue. The second issue, able and availability, must also be addressed. You must be able and available for some type of work, not necessarily work that your employer will have, but some type of work. In other words, you cannot be unable to do any kind of work. You must be able to do some type of work. It is possible that you will be ruled ineligible on one issue and eligible on the other. In this case, the ineligible issue always takes precedence. Keep in mind that all states differ regarding uc benefits. Read your uc handbook, or go online to see what your specific state requires.

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