If I Quit My Job And Relocate To Orlando. Fl. Can I Collect Unemployment?


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Yes being a national citizen of US you can get unemployment benefits in any other state or city but for condition that you have not taken any benefit in the same period from other state so that you can get unemployment benefit easily.
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Cathy Brown
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Five months ago I relocated to North Carolina and had to resign from my position. With the economy in bad shape, I'm having difficulty finding a job. I worked for many years in the non-profit field. If you resign from your job for a relocation, can you collect unemployment in North Carolina? Thanks. Marmike
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I would like to relocate to orlando fl but I don't have a jobs how can I do it now  am just a temp in my job.
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Hopefully you know someone down there if not go visit apply for jobs or make sure you go down there with a plan

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