Explain Sales Promotion. What Are The Objectives Of Sales Promotion And Promotions Planning?


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In a nutshell the main reason why people will spend time working out forms of sales promotion and promotions planning will be to get more sales for their product. If they are able to put together a good campaign more people will remember the advertisements and that it is the product they will remember next time they go shopping.

If you manage to put together a good program you will have a number of hoped for outcomes in mind. You will want ne people to know about the product while also making sure that the current customers want to carry on buying it. It is fine getting a new customer but you need to keep them as well. Other companies will be pushing their product so you need to make sure that yours does not get lost in the competitions advertising onslaught. Not all products will be popular all year round and while certain items may not need promoting all the time they will have a slump in sales and need a bit of a boost. Sales promotions in store normally have a prime position either near to the entrance or near to the till so for the possible cost of doing this you could generate a lot more sales.

It is important to plan this down to the smallest detail. There is no point making the plans and then finding out that there has been a mistake. An incorrect price will have to be honored and if it is not there could be a legal challenge. If there is a free gift with the purchase there will be problems if the gifts run out. Flyers should be fully checked before they are printed as it is no good having the best product in the world and there being a really god offer if the date or location is wrong.
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Sales promotion:
Sales promotion plays a vital role in inducing the consumer to buy your product. Sales promotion work includes all those activities, which are directed towards promoting sales.
In short, sales promotion is any activity, which improves the effectiveness of personal selling and advertising.
Sales promotion devices can include premiums, coupons, contest, temporary price reduction, free goods, letters to trade, literature, educational material, displays and trade shows. Sales promotion takes into consideration the communication gaps that always exist between the producer and the consumer. Sales promotion should therefore be closely coordinated with advertising the personal selling.

The sales promotion program are made to accomplish the following objectives:
To introduce a new product.
To increase the inventories of middlemen and consumers.
To increase a products rate among existing consumers.
To attract new customers.
To counter a competitor's sales promotion and other activities.
To reduce a seasonal decline in sales.
To make it easier for salesmen to secure more orders and arrange displays in retail stores.

Promotions planning:
In order to achieve the above noted objectives, the proper planning should be made. The person responsible for sales promotion must be professional. The product, which is being promoted, must be good in all respect. It is also necessary that printed prices must be well conceived. And, all the material, which I being used for printing, must also be good.
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Scope of sales promotion
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There are a great many advantages that encourage marketers to incorporate sales promotion activities for promoting their products. Firstly the high cost of traditional media (above the line promotions) becomes quite a colossal burden for advertisers that makes them seek for a more economical way of promoting the brand – sales promotion activities consequently becomes the answer to their prayers.

In addition to that, sales promotion activities have a very straightforward and convenient mode of evaluation that the marketer can use to gauge the results of his promotions. Moreover the application of sales promotion activities generates instant results, something that saves time and therefore is an attractive prospect for many marketers. Not only that but sales promotion activities strengthens the relationship between manufacturer and retailer, which proves to be beneficial for the brand as well as for the retailer. Amalgamating these advantages, sales promotion becomes quite an attractive option for many marketers.
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Well try to creat brand image with the help of print as well as electronice media and in those ads show that what qualities your product has. Try to compare your products with the existing strong rivalries or brands. Show the commercial on the TV again and again so that when ever people go for shopping they remember your product. Try to advertise your product  through flashy billboards this also helps a lot. Offers live buy one get one free or free samples also helps a lot in increasing the sales.

Hope these tips might help. Enjoy blurting :)
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