What Are The Challenges For Sales Promotion Activities?


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Overall there are four challenges for sales promotion activities that they are supposed to meet and accomplish. Firstly sales promotion activities are required to generate awareness about not only their own presence but also accentuate the importance of the brand, constantly emphasizing on the brand, the purchase of which would bring a host of other benefits for customers who buy the brand. Another challenge for sales promotion that also scores a direct and tangible advantage for the marketer is the prospect of engaging the target market in purchase behavior.

The brand should be strong enough and should have enough qualities to motivate the consumer to buy it again once the sales promotion activities have succeeded in enabling the customers to buy the brand. The third challenge that sales promotion activities face is the challenge of maintaining the market presence of the brand. This happens through the constant emergence of new sales promotion activities for short time periods that maintain the freshness of the brand. Last but not the least, sales promotion activities also have a commitment of reminding the target market constantly about the brand through their frequent reminders and their innovative presence that also enhances the demand of the brand.

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