What Is The Impact Of Sales Promotion?


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"Sales Promotion" can also be looked at as "Marketing," although they can be two different entities.

In the general sense, if you were to "market" a product (or service) you would have to establish what your "regular" price (for the product or service) would be.

Next, you would want to determine what $ amount or % discount you would be willing to give up to bring in new or additional business.

You would also want to consider how much the "sales promotion" (or marketing) is going to cost you (as a Bs. Expense) and how much you have budgeted for this. You have to also determine your "target market" & "target area" to be effective. As an example, if you do carpet cleaning, you (probably) would want to market in an area which is close to your business so that you could minimize "drive" time, and "maximize" potential customers.

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The department of sales promotion is basically responsible for increasing the sales.The impact of sales promotion helps to gain a momentum in business.

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