What Is A Business Promotion Letters And How Can You To Explain Its Characteristics?


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A business promotion letter is a letter that is written to promote business. It is also called a goodwill letter or sales promotion letter.
Although the purpose of this letter is to promote the sale of goods and services, yet it is different from a sales letter. The difference is that a business promotion letter sells indirectly but the sales letter sells directly. In short, in a business letter the writer induces the reader to buy but does not urge him. The chief aim of a business promotion letter is to strengthen or establish relations and to build goodwill.
There are some characteristics, which distinguish the business promotion letter from other letters. These characteristics of business promotion letter is discussed below:

Time line:
While writing a business promotion letter, the writer keeps in mind a particular time, circumstances, event or occasions. An anniversary, a holiday, the arrival of new merchandise, the beginning of a season, the winning of an award are some of the occasions for writing such letters.

Goodwill and Service:
The aim of these is to express good will and to assure the reader of good service. They are sent to convey your interest in his affairs and his welfare. In fact, these are the invitation letters to friends for mutual benefits.

Informal style:
Usually ordinary business letters are written in a formal or impersonal style but business promotion letters are written in a friendly informal or personal style. The reason is that the writer of business promotion letters is free of the necessity to obtain immediate business. In these letters, the writer may suggest but he does not press the sale.
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Business promotion letters are those letters which are prepared to promote a product or commodity to any of client . The business letter can act as an introducer towards your company to the client . Business letter should be brief maximum of one or two pages .

The First paragraph will carry a brief introduction of your company. What are the products that you are offering ? and above all what is the current standing or the status of your organization .

The second paragraph should elaborate the brief information about the products and services your company is providing. If it is related to technology then briefly explain what are your current benchmarks?

The thirst paragraph is contains any specific product or service typically somehow related to the client especially you think that this product can be add on to your credibility towards the client.

In next paragraph you can explain the achievements and success that you have attained with this product .

Lastly you can invite client to visit your office for any kind of demonstrations or presentations.

You can also write we will look forward to hearing back from you soon and something like that.
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