Can You Discuss The Major Objectives Of Sales Promotion? Explain Some Of The Sales Promotion Methods Directed As Customer.


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Following are the objectives of sales promotion:
- Building awareness of the product
- Creating interest among customers
- Provide information about the product
- Stimulate demand of the product
- Reinforce the Brand.
Following are the methods for sales promotion:
- Consumer Market Directed such as Coupons, Rebates, Promotional Pricing, Trade-In, Loyalty Programs, Sampling and Free Trials, Free Product, Premiums, Contests and Sweepstakes, Demonstrations, Personal Appearances
- Trade Mark Directed: Such as Point-of-Purchase Displays, Advertising Support Programs, Short Term Allowances, Sales Incentives or Push Money, Promotional Products, Trade Shows

- Business to Business market directed. Such as price-reductions, free product, trade-in, promotional products, trade shows
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I want the objectives of sales promotion
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Objectives of Sales Promotion:

1. To target maximum audience of common interest.

2. To overshadow your competitors business.

3. To establish your business brand in market.

4. To generate revenue off course.

5. To create awareness about business .

There is no standard method. But still while suggesting a business
promotion plan, you can ask for some details:

a. What is nature of business?

b. What is target audience?

c. What are the challenges business owner is expecting?

d. What are his added advantages for business as compare to his

e. What can be possible method of promotion based upon location, cost, target audience?

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