How You Can Define The Sale Functions Of Marketing?


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There are two-sale functions of marketing:

(a) Pricing:
Pricing is another important function of marketing. The successful functioning of the business depends on the price policy followed by it. The management must devote much time to fix the price for the product. The management should fix the prices in such a way that customer are willing to buy. The price can be fixed keeping in view cost of production, reasonable profit, cost of distribution, demand, living standard of buyers, discounts, etc. The price of goods of daily use should be normal. The process of fashionable goods may high.

(b) Selling:
Selling is the most important function of the marketing. The ultimate aim of every business is to earn profit. In order to achieve this aim, selling plays an important role. Selling includes creating, demand, finding, buyer and keeping them, supplying satisfactory goods and services, negotiating price and other terms of sale.
The importance of selling has increased with an increase in the number of articles offered for sale by a large number of producers.
In the present economic system, selling involves the production of right products, which satisfy the needs of customers and the supply of right quantity, at the right time and at the right price. In addition, the seller in order to sell the products has to inform the buyer through advertisements. Selling also needs products planning and development, demand creation, determination of market and selecting channel of distribution.
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Selling and marketing are often considered distinct functions within the promotional element of the marketing mix. However, when looking at marketing and communications as a big umbrella that encompasses all promotional efforts, selling is a more personalized form of communication than other types of marketing.

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Contrary to what people say, marketing and sales are very different. Marketing is something that you do so that you don't HAVE TO do sales. For example, if your marketing is effective, you shouldn't have to resort to door-to-door sales or any direct selling tactics. I would say marketing is defined as what the company does to make their brand more appealing to the customers. It's what they do so that somebody will choose to buy their product over a competitor's product. Also, marketing can also help develop a brand premium so that established brands can charge more than generic brands (for the same exact product) simply because their brand is stronger due to effective marketing.

Advertising is different. It is a small part of marketing. Advertising is specifically referring to the development and implementation of a marketing message. If the marketing decides that they want to make their brand look and feel "younger" as a general strategic marketing direction, the advertising function would then be the one to develop the creative concepts, budget the right media purchases, provide the appropriate information for the press, and anything else that is in line with carrying out the marketing strategy and accomplish the goal out in the public. You can use this Cost split through which you can easily came to know split the bill and all the bill amount among the given number of people.

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