What Are The Functions Of Marketing?


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Marketing plays an important role in making the consumers aware of the products and services. The major function of marketing is to satisfy the customer needs. It can play an important role in what the customer wants and how the company can do this. It has the connectivity function in society because it matches the supply and demand. At business level, marketing functions to integrate the departments of the company. In this way company integrates to serve the market. It also functions to see the accessibility of the customers to products and services.

Marketing also performs societal functions and therefore, it acts as invisible hand in the market. Secondly, it is the hand of the management and the government. These functions of marketing are given by Goodpaster and Matthews in 1982.

Moreover, the traditional function of marketing is to increase the sales volume of the company through promotions.

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Yea the one above me is right G.B giles described 7 functions of marketing which are
1- Marketing research
2- Marketing planing
3- Product development
4- Advertisement and sales promotion
5- Selling and distribution
6- After sales service
7- Public relations
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Buying and assembling
standardization ann grading
branding, packaging and labelling
marketing information
risk bearing
market research
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G.B. Giles describe the following seven functions 1)marketing research, 2)marketing planning, 3)product development, 4)Advertisement and sales promotion, 5)Selling and distribution, 6)after sales services and 7) Public relations.
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Function of marketing
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Marketing is the link the needs of society and the business response to the intermediate link, the enterprise uses to consumer demand and market opportunities into profitable opportunities for companies is an effective method
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Getting no responses (sales) to the what you are marketing

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