What Questions Should Be Asked In A Survey For An International Marketing Strategy ?


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In an international marketing strategy the following questions can be asked:

What is the nature of the business?
What is the long term goal of the company?
Does the firm have a strong international presence?
Does the firm have aspirations to continue internationally over the long term?
What are the long term financial projections of the international business?
Are the competitors present internationally?
Do we have the skill sets required to deal with international governments?
Do we have the skills to deal with issues such as currency fluctuations?
Are we open to the idea of deploying hedging instruments?
How many offices do we need to open internationally?
What is the burden on our existing cash flows?
Do we need to grow inorganically?
If yes, have we identified any targets?
Do we need to conduct any recruitment activities at the middle manager level to operationalize our tactics?
How do we leverage upon our existing strengths?

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