What Are The Five Merchandising Functions Of Marketing?


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It includes the following functions.

It is the process of acquiring goods at the right price, at a right time, in tight quantity and quality and from a right source of supplier. The marketing is concerned with buying of goods for sale or use. Buying includes the determination of one's needs, finding out the sources of supply, the negotiating prices and other terms and the transfer of title from seller to the buyer. Its purpose is to bring the goods at the place where they are wanted.

Various producers at different centres produce goods in small quantities. They cannot be processed unless they are transported to market. This process of collecting goods from various sources and bringing together them in a centrally located place are called assembling. Assembling may be for the purpose of either resale to the retailer or ultimate consumers, or it may be for getting together raw materials to be used by manufacturers.

Standardizing and grading:
Standardizing means the setting up of basic categories or grades of the products. If the particular goods are of certain standard, it means that they are of a certain quality.
Grading means the division of products into classes made up of units possessing similar characteristics of size and quality. Thus, it may be said that goods are graded in accordance with specifications set up in the standards.

Storing is another important function of marketing process. It involves the holding of goods in proper condition from the time they are produced until the consumers need them. Storing protects the goods from deterioration and helps in carrying over surplus for future consumption, storing regulates the flow different places; it enables goods to be made available to consumers.

Transportation helps in the physical movement of goods from places where they are produced to the places where they are demanded. Using any form of transport does distribution of goods. It creates place and time utility for the goods. Transportation has helped in mass production.

Market research:
Efficient sales depend on maintaining a stable relationship between supply and demand. It can be achieved by conducting a market research. Through market research, a manufacturer or dealer can find out the quality and quantity of goods wanted by the customers at the time when the consumers want then. Market research includes such activities, as marker analysis, sales research, dealer research, consumer research and advertising research. Market research helps in the prosperity of the individual business and the community.
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Merchandizing Functions:
Market Research: Market research is the most important function of marketing. Trough market research a businessman can find out the quality and quantity of goods wanted by the customers. Market research must be conducted with complete care, because success of the business greatly depends upon this function.

Buying: It is the process of acquiring goods and raw material at the right price, at a right time, in right quality and quantity and from the right supplier.Assembling: The process of collecting different goods from various suppliers and bringing together them in a centrally located place are called assembling. Assembling may be for the purpose of resale to the retailer or to the ultimate consumer.

Grading: Grading means the division of products into different classes possessing similar characteristics. Grading of products may be on the basis of weight, price, size etc.
Branding: Branding means giving a specific name to the product, so that the consumer is easily able to distinguish it from other products.

Storing: Sometimes goods are produced in large quantities. Storing involves the process of holding goods in proper condition from the time they are produced until they are needed by the consumers.Transportation: Transportation helps in the movement of goods from their place of production to the ultimate consumer. Distribution of goods is done by using any mean of transportation.
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There are many function of the marketing which the different companies use in order to generate sale and promote the products in the market. So there is a function of marketing which is called the merchandising in the merchandising the companies use to display the products in such a way that it requires a presentation of the goods so that the customers can excess them and find the products in the market easily.

So the presentation has an important aspect in the purchasing of the products. the companies use to present the products in a specific way which is used to attract the customers so that they can easily purchase the product. The merchandising factor is very important in the business. So many companies try to find out the ways which are necessary for the sale of t he company products. So there are many methods which are used by the companies in order to marketing the products.

The merchandising of the one good is different from the other good and it also depends upon the nature of products. The merchandising is used in order to display the products in a specific way by which the users can easily access the products.
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Marketing consists of so many functions, but I'd say that they are about seven crucial ones. For one, you can't make that connection between you and the consumers without promotion because that's how you get your item out there. Then figuring out the price you should set it at is a tedious task since they are always changing. You should try email marketing consulting. I think this is a good way to start!

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The five functions of marketing merchandizing are Product Development, Selling the concept, Costing, Internal & external communication, Advising and assisting production.

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