Can You Explain The Functions Of The Market?


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Functions of marketing
The main marketing functions are classified by Clark and Clark is given below:-
1- buying
Buying is the first step in the process of marketing. In the words of Pyle
"Buying comprises of all those activities involved in finding a suitable source of supply, selecting the desired quantity, quality, grade, style and size coming to an agreement with reference to the price, delivery date and other conditions with the seller."
2- Assembly
Assembly is the collection of goods from various sources and transporting it to a located place called markets. Assembly plays an important role in the marketing of agricultural products.

3- Selling
In the words of Pyle:
"Selling comprises of all personal and impersonal activities finding, securing and developing a demand for a given product or service and in communicating the sale for it."
4-Market research
Essential sales depend upon the market research. Market research for goods helps the supplier in finding out the quality and quantity of goods wanted by the consumers.
5- Transportation
Transportation is the movement of goods from the sources of supply to the places where they are needed.

6- Storing
Storing is another important function of marketing process. It involves the keeping of goods in proper condition from the time these are produced till these are taken to the market.
7- Standardizing and grading
8- Financing
9- Risk taking
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It fixes prices on goods
it gives information as regards the cost of products
it gives regulations on how sellers deal with customers
it decides what should happen to the the prices if demand is high
it helps buyers allocate the best products and best prices
it boosts up low performing inter prises by the cross breed method in which lower markets work hand in hand with bigger or well to markets
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Standardizing and grading function

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