Do You Think Male And Female Roles In Purchasing Have Changed Over The Years?


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One major difference, is the increase in woman buying what is called big ticket items, like cars, boats, luxury alcoholic drinks, second homes, Compter systems, investments like stocks and shares.
In the past the advertising world geared themselves toward advertising these items to men, as woman were not considered the decision makers. Products like cosmetics, perfume, washing soap, food and clothes were geared at women.
This has all changed in the last 20 years, as manufacurers have realised more any more, that they were wrong, and that even in the case of a one family car where the man and woman both use it. Woman play a strong role in chosing or passing up a particular model, based on their needs.
Now men are being advertised at, when it comes to cosmetics, antiaging creams,accessories, clothes and food.

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