Can You Give Me Examples Of Strengths And Weaknesses For An Interviewee In The Domain Of Sales And Marketing?


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Daisy Sarma answered
Each job or skillset has strengths and weaknesses. The same is the case with a job in the sales and marketing domain. If you are appearing for an interview for a sales and marketing job, there are certain positive aspects that you should cultivate and certain negative traits that you should get rid of.

For a job in this domain, some obvious strengths are strong communication skills, good presentation, and a pleasant personality. When you are approaching a prospective client, appearances matter a great deal. The client should feel like wanting to do business with your company, of which you are the representative at that moment in time. After presentation, the next and biggest skillset that you need to have is the aility to communicate. Sales and marketing needs you to convince the client that your company's product or service is the best. That you can only do if you are able to communicate effectively. These are things that anyone interviewing you for a sales and marketing position will look for.

On the negative side, hesitation, inability to talk well, a shabby outward appearance, and lack of confidence can be the biggest threats for an aspiring sales and marketing person.

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