Who Do I Make My Check Out To My Federal Income Tax?


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To pay your federal income tax, the check must be made out to the United States Treasury. The United States IRS website,, allows you to search for your particular city and state, and then gives you information on which office to send your check to.

As with the income tax you file every year, you will send the check to the branch of the United States Treasury nearest you, which helps to expedite the process.

The check you owe to the IRS must be sent, along with your Form 1040-V, by April 15, which is the tax filing deadline in the United States. Besides your name, the check you send must include your daytime phone number, social security number, and home address.

It may not hurt to explain on the memo line of the check that the check is for the balance owing on your federal income tax, just so everything is as clear as can possibly be. When dealing with the IRS and your own personal finances, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

It’s worth noting that there are other ways to pay your income taxes besides writing a check. Through H&R Block (, you can pay with a debit card, credit card, direct withdrawal, or money order.

The IRS is the agency that collects your income tax, but they are merely a branch of the United States Treasury, which is the agency that ultimately receives your income tax. This is why the check must be made out to them.
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From TurboTax
If you choose to pay by check or money order:

    * Make it out to the United States Treasury.
    * Make sure these 4 items are on the front the check or money order:
  O Your name
  o Address
  o Social Security Number
  o Daytime phone number
    * Mail the check or money order to the IRS, along with Form 1040-V, by the April 15 tax filing deadline.
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Internal Revenue Service. Go to and use your city and state to determine which of their offices your check is sent to.
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I had this same question. See the back of the envelope --

"United States Treasury"


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