Can I Claim My Live In Girlfriend On My Fed. Income Tax If She Did Not Work In 2006,and I Was Soul Support For Both Of Us?


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Jack Bauer answered
The rules for claiming a dependent are found in IRS publication 17, chap 3. It states that to claim a person as a 'Qualifying Relative' they have to pass 4 tests:
1) not be a qualifying child (she is not your child)
2) Member of the Household test (She must live with you all year)
3) Gross income test (Less than $3,400 in gross income for 2007)
4) Support test (You, as the taxpayer, provided more than 50% of her support) If you met all of the tests, and your relationship does not violate local law, you can claim her as a Dependent on line 6c of the 1040 or 1040a. You can list her under the relationship column as a 'qualifying person'. The only difference between 2006 and 07 is the Gross income test for 2006 is $3,300. Claiming her as a dependent will reduce your taxable income, and thereby reduce your total tax. You cannot use her to qualify for other credits such as the Earned Income credit, Child Tax credit, etc. And she will not allow you to claim Head of Household filing status.
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Usually unless you are married or she is a 'dependent' you can't 'claim' another individual. However in some states like Colorado once a couple has lived together for a certain amount of time they are considered 'common law' which allows them to file taxes together. Then of course you can always fudge your income tax return and claim more 'dependants' than you really have, i.e., claiming 5 instead of 1 (just yourself) or claiming '0' (none). Lying on taxes can get one audited though.

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