How Do I Make Out My Check For Federal Income Tax Payment?


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Before making out your check for a federal income tax payment, make sure you have all the correct information to hand, including the amount of payment and your social security number. Firstly the fill out the date that you are writing the check on the top right line, this can be written out in full (like May 13th 2011, for example) or abbreviated (05/15/11). The check then needs to be made payable to the payee the ‘United States Treasury’. Make sure that the amount you have to pay is correct and then fill in both the decimal and written versions of the amount. The decimal version is added in the space underneath the date, while the word version goes underneath the payee. For example, you may need to write $346.78 and then ‘three hundred and forty six dollars and seventy-eight cents only’. Make sure that any gaps on the check are filled in with lines so that the amount cannot be altered by another person. Finally, sign the check in the bottom-right corner.

It is important that your check does not get lost or mixed up once it reaches the IRS, so to guarantee that makes it to your file, write your social security number in the memo field of the check. The social security should be written with the tax year the payment is for, along with the tax form code - 1040 in most cases.

Once you have checked that all of the information is correct, the check should be sent along with any related paperwork to your local IRS office.

Making sure your federal income tax payment check is filled out correctly is extremely important. Sending it off with any incorrect information can cause delays in your payment reaching the IRS which, in turn, may lead to you being fined if they payment has not been received before the tax deadline.

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