Where Can I Cash My Income Tax Check?


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The most obvious answer is your bank, and it will not cost you anything to cash it there. If you haven’t got a bank account there are other places for you to cash your check, although there may be fees involved in the process.

The majority of neighborhoods have a store that will cash checks; these cash checking outlets are particularly for people who do not have a bank account, or who cannot wait for the check to clear. These places usually cater for those who want a payday loan, too. Before you cash your check, do a little homework. The costs involved in cashing checks, particularly tax refund checks, vary from place to place.

Many large retail outlets, like Wal-Mart, provide a check cashing service. Again, find out how much they charge before you take your check in there.

A cheaper alternative to cashing your income tax refund check in one of these places is to ask a trusted family member or a friend to help you. The chances are that you know someone who has got a bank account, so if you endorse the check over to this person, they can either deposit it and give you the cash, or simply cash it for you.

If that isn’t an option, either, and you don’t fancy any of the cash checking stores, it is always worth phoning round your local banks and credit unions to see if they would be prepared to cash it for you even though you haven’t got an account with them. They may do, but they may expect you to open an account at the same time.

Don’t forget: Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, you will need to take some valid ID with you to prove that it is your check.
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Well if you go to walmart they give you a paper saying their is 2 reasons why they will not cash. But they really don't know why...
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Wal Mart will cash them up to certain amounts with your ID/Social Security Number. Our local store cashes them up to $3000. But my mom works at a Walmart in another state that cashes up to $4500.
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Any bank will cash your Federal Income Tax Check.  Banks may charge a fee for this service if you do not have an account at that bank.  If you do have an account at the bank, just deposit the check and make withdrawals form your account.
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Walmart cashes them, call your local walmart just to be sure that they participate.

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Go to any check cashing place..they'll charge a small fee though depending on the size of the check.

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