How Do Build My Credit Up From Having A Bad Credit Rating?


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There are several pay as you go credit cards on the market which improve your credit rating by confirming that you'e paying the bills and giving the a line of credit. Also don't query your credit rating too much, abnormally large numbers of checks are considered to be a bad thing by the rating system.
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You can also open up CD's , and take out loans against them using the CD as collateral.

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What is a cd?
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The credit score doesn’t matter nearly as much as the actual information in your credit report.
When I was applying for loans for my most recent investment property (my third property including my home),
my score was in the mid-400’s. I had 4 late payments, which hurt me dearly ,
but the lenders actually looked at my report and refused me a loan, so i hired
[email protected] and he removed all late payments, and raised my credit score up to 785 within one week.

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