I'm trying to get a credit card It's my first time and I want it so i can start to build my credit. My score is 4something not because I have bad credit i just have no credit yes i know same thing but do you know were I can go to apply for one?


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Don't get a credit card! That will be the fastest way to ruin your credit. Credit cards were invented by greedy banks to suck the life out of you and keep you in debt. Banks use every excuse to keep your interest high. 1) you don't have any credit so we'll charge 24% and if you make your payments on time you can get it reduced. 2) you have marginal credit so we'll charge you 24%. 3) you have bad credit so we'll charge you 24%. Its all a scam. Stay away from credit cards or you WILL be sorry.
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If you want to improve your credit you had better be pretty smart with that credit card. If I were you I would either not get one, or I would high discipline myself with it. Treat it like a debit card most of the time. Only use it for small payments you know you can pay back quickly. As long as you always pay it back it will build your credit. Again; only do that if you know you can discipline yourself.

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