Where Can I Get An Unsecured Loan With Bad Credit?


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Aimee Rogers answered
There are a number of companies who will still give you a loan with bad credit. You just have to look online or in your local telephone directory.

Online is generally the best source as in any search engine you can type in 'bad credit loans' and it will come up with thousands of results. Now to narrow that search down it is better to say 'bad credit loans in London, UK' or wherever it is that you live. This will bring back more relevant results for you.

The thing you have to remember is to shop around. There are many companies which offer bad credit loans and so by comparing at least five of them you will find the cheapest interest rate for you. You should expect a slightly higher interest rate for bad credit too.
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It is very hard to obtain a loan with bad credit. I had $23,000 in an escrow account only to be used for the purchase of a home. My score was 589 and I was still unable to purchase a home at $120, 000 with $23,000 cash money down & I was making $30,000 annually.

My suggestion is to re-establish your credit by obtaining a secured credit card & working with your creditors to make payment arrangements to pay off debt.
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Bridgette Quinn answered
That is not true because I have been tring to get a loan with bad credit and I can not get approved
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David Hermann answered

There are many private firm who provide money for credit, I not taking about the bank. You can consult with them hopefully they would help you.

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