How Do You Get A Home Loan With No Money Down And Bad Credit?


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  You can't. You have to clear your history first. That will take 2 - 3 years if you are going to be committed. Bad credit is easy to get it to become good credit. You have to start paying on time and have an active credit account for 2 years at least. All your bills should be paid on time, no late no absences. Do that for straight 2 - 3 years. You should not change job in the 2-3 years period. Bank account - checking and savings account should have money in it say checking 10,000 and savings should be loaded. Those are just the basic. Do not believe those people who says that they will fix it for you, because it will cause you a lot of money and still it's not fix. Believe me...I'm an officer.
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Bad credit is not the issue in getting a mortgage. Knowing how to improve one's credit rating and score is the tool needed to obtain a mortgage. The three most important factors that create a credit report is capacity, seasoning and depth. If you wish to obtain a mortgage let me show you the easiest and cheapest way to improving your credit report and your score. Please contact me at [email protected]
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Certainly it is extremely difficult for you to take a home loan as you have bad credit rating and also have nom money with you to make a down payment. But if there is a will there is a way and you can get a loan if you are genuinely trying to convince the institution that you will repay your loan on time.  
I can suggest you to visit some websites that can provide you some concrete advice and also they help you to get you a loan. The two addresses that I would like to recommend are following: 1) and 2)
There are evidences that these institutions have helped people to secure loan even if they do not have good credit rating. So visit there websites and find out if they can help you also.

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