What Is The Second Signature On Checking Account?


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It depends on the bank's policies. Normally if she is not a known customer, she will need to be there in person with her Official ID (i.e., State issued ID, Driver's License, or passport). Depending on the bank's policies, your husband may be permitted to add her to the account, take home the signature card, have her sign it, and drop it back off at the bank or even have her drop it off. This may only work if she already has an account with the bank and they can verify her signature, and if the bank agrees to allow your husband to even take the signature card home for the secy to sign, which again brings us back to the bank's policies on this issue. I hope this helps! :)
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nora mitchell answered
We have an officer of our club who is president.  His name is on the checking account with the treasurer.  I understand that an officer should not be able to sign the check.  How true is this?

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