How Can I Get A Loan Deposited On My Account Now Card?


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There are two ways that you can add money to an Account Now card, by pay check or by cash at a store. The website claims that the best way to add money to your Account Now card is with your pay check via direct deposit. This way avoids any money handling fees for check cashing or store charges. The direct deposit also allows users to access the money instantly on payday and receive an addition $25 bonus.

The eligibility for direct deposit may depend on your employer, so ask them if they cooperate with the scheme. You will then be able to print out an application form from the Account Now website to tell them how much money you would like to add. This money can either be a fixed amount (e.g. $100 or $1,000) or you can choose to add a proportion of your paycheck, anything between one per cent and 100 per cent. The latter option is particularly useful for anyone who does not have a steady income. This way only a proportionate amount of money will go onto the car each month to avoid any complications with other payment requirements.

The alternative to using your pay check to put money onto your Account Now card is to transfer money with cash at a participating store. This system is available with four cash networks; MoneyGram, MoneyPak, Western Union and Visa ReadyLink. Each of these cash networks are available at a variety of stores across the United States including Walmart UPS and Kroger. The store fees will be different depending on the cash network that you are using but in all cases the money will be available instantly.

To add money to your Account Now card you will just need to take your card number and the cash to a participating store and make the deposit. Money can be added to the card up to 30 times in any 30 day period and the store should always provide you will a receipt.

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