Jose Rodriguez's checking account had a starting balance of $1,234.56. He wrote a check for $115.12 for plumbing supplies and a check for $225.00 for a loan payment. Yesterday he deposited $96.75 in his checking account. What is Jose's current balanc?


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The current balance of Jose Rodriguez's account is $991.19. This is a simple mathematical sum that could be figured out through shorthand sums on paper or by using a calculator.

  • The breakdown of the problem

If Rodriguez starts with $1,234.56 then the figure you start with is 1234.56. From here it is said that he writes a check for $115.12 to pay for plumbing supplies. So this means that he is spending this money and it is therefore subtracted from his current total. This would bring his total down to $1119.44.

Then Rodriguez writes another check for $225.00 to cover the payment of a loan. This means that another $225.00 will be subtracted from the current total. This leaves the running total at $894.44.

  • To get the final answer

The final stage of the sum is to add on the last figure. Because Rodriguez has deposited money into his bank account, this will add money back on to the total. After the money is deposited into his account, the total will finish at $991.19

The brief summary of the mathematical equation would look like this:

  • 1234.56
  • 1234.56 - 115.12 = 1119.44
  • 1119.44 - 225 = 894.44
  • 894.44 + 96.75 = 991.19

Remember - if money comes out of the account then it is subtracted and if it is paid in it is added.

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