I have s.s.i direct deposit on my debit card and I have no checking or savings account and need a loan. Only thing is you can not add money into my debit card s.s.i puts my monthly check on card.


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If you want to apply for a loan and need a card to receive the loan on you will need a bank account and not just a Social Security Income (SSI) direct debit card. That card is not linked to any bank account where you can send and receive funds. It is simply a direct deposit account with a debit card to use for your basic benefits purchases.

You will need a proper bank account for a loan. A bank will probably ask you for a few different pieces of information to open an account - proof of address, a utility bill in your name, photo ID like your passport or drivers licence - be ready to take these thing in to get a new account. Once you establish a bank account you are in much better standing of receiving a loan than if you just have your benefits cards.  Open a bank account and begin making a financial footprint for yourself.

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