Can I Get A Credit Card At 17?


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No, you can't get a credit card at 17 as you aren't allowed to enter into a legally binding contract (the Credit Act) until you are 18.

Under 18s can obtain other types of bank cards that draw directly from funds within their savings or current accounts. These are called debit cards and are accepted in just as many places as credit cards are. The only difference is that you can only spend what you have in your account. They don't extend you credit in the way that a credit card does.
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You can't legally get a credit card at 17 years of age unless a parent cosigns for you. However, with the new credit card acts, it has become increasingly harder for people who are under 21 years of age to even get a credit card. Make sure you always look for the best credit card rates as well.
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True. You can have credit cards only after you turn 18. But there's one good thing about using these debit cards. It teaches you to stay within your limits, and it comes to use when you actually have a credit card.
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You should be at a legal age of 18 before you can get one...all you have to do now is ait for 1 year and you'll be turning 18 and have your own credit card :)

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