Where Can You Get A Credit Card With A 500 Credit Limit With Bad Credit?


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I want to get a 500 dollars credit card limit so where I can apply for it
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Got postcard in mail stating I was approved for a $500 unsecured Net First Credit Ling, for express processing, visit www.netfirstplatinum.com and enter approval number #490104624-help
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Go to www.imagine.com
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Go to your bank and ask them to help you set up a debit card. You pay the $500, that is the limit on your card, and then you use the card and pay the balance in full and on time each month. That will help you establish good credit. If you apply online or outside a trusted bank, you're just going to get screwed by the credit card companies. It is their business to keep you in debt, and they do it very well. Be wise.
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There are number of credit card firms are available, and they provide money for credit to different customer. Before giving credit they do check all the basic things which comes under their norms, then they will decide how much money they will give money for credit.

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