Can I Have Someones Credit Card Number?


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Having someone else’s credit card number and using someone else’s credit number are two different things altogether. There is nothing preventing someone from possessing a credit card of another or knowing the number. In terms of using the card or the number for a purchase this entirely depends on the arrangement between the card owner and the purchaser. In the eyes of the law, the contract of the card is between the issuer and the person whose name is on the card and as far as the credit card company is concerned, only the account holder is responsible for any charges made to the account. Make sure you have full permission from the card owner before making purchases with it. If you are purchasing something online it makes things a little easier, though many sites will only deliver to the card holder’s home address, you will also need the card holder’s full name and possibly some other security information. If using the card in store, modern day security measures make using a credit card more difficult and if the store or shop owner has any doubts or suspicions they can refuse to serve you or make a charge to the card, they may even alert security or the credit card issuer. It might be worth having the card holder with you to overcome any problems and it is advisable to have a good understanding of the loan of the card as the only time a credit card holder can challenge a charge is if they believe the transaction to be fraudulent. The best and safest way around this issue is to have a friend or family member apply for a second card in your name. They are still responsible for repayments but it should illuminate issues at the cash desk when paying.
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