How Do You Get A Kmart Credit Card?


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In short, you can’t! A KMART credit card does not exist, at least not in name. KMART merged with Sears, Roebuck and Company back in 2004, so now the company operates under the Sears Holdings Corporation banner; however both stores still trade as separate entities; although with some cross-promotion between them. A Sears credit card, which can be used in both KMART and Sears, as the name suggests, is a relatively easy acquisition; so long as you have a reasonably good credit rating. As you would expect, like most services and goods nowadays, the credit card can be found and applied for on-line at both KMART and Sears official websites. After completing the online application, you could be mere minutes away from being approved. It is always advisable when ordering anything on-line to make sure your web browser displays a padlock image in the bottom right hand corner; to ensure your transaction is encrypted and secure. You are also able to apply for a card within the stores, either at Sears or at KMART; the credits card are actively promoted at the cash registers. The cards can also be found at the customer service desk, where you may not even have to fill out a form yourself, with one of the respective store representatives from customer service happy to complete the process on your behalf. If applied for in-store, you could find yourself approved for a card, again within minutes, where as if you post the application off yourself it may take between six to eight weeks to process your application.
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Kmart Corporation allows potential customers to apply for their Kmart credit card online through its website- that is  In order to get a card online you will first have to log on to the above website and you will have the option of completing and submitting an application over the internet and you can receive a same session credit decision. All approved applicants will receive their brand new credit cards in the mail. The cards are issued by BNB USA that is- Beneficial National Bank, USA. BNB allows all card holders to get nearly six percent back on all eligible purchases.

Lori Price the Kmart manager in charge of credit card operations says that Kmart is happy to provide their customers with credit in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.
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I don't know. They tell you to go on their website but you can't ever get to the application.

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