Is My Credit Card Active?


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It is obviously impossible for us to say with the little information you have provided.

The best thing to do in order to determine whether or not your credit card is active is to head to a branch of the bank you received the credit card from. If you show your credit card to one of the customer advisers then they should be able to confirm whether your card is active. They should be able to give you a reason why if it is isn't active.

Some common reasons why a credit card may not work or be 'active' are as follows:

• The credit card has expired
• The credit card needs to be activated by the owner
• The credit card has been frozen due to unpaid debts
• The fraud team have put a block on it due to suspicious recent uses
• The credit card has been reported stolen and so is blocked

As stated above your credit card may not be active if it is past its expiry date. It is simple to check this; just look at the card and you will see there is an expiry date listed. If it is past this date then the card cannot be used any more and you will need to register for a new card if the bank have not sent you one automatically.

Some credit cards need to be activated by the owner via text message or by ringing a special phone number. This is normally stated on the card in the form of a sticker. If it says you need to active the card then simply follow the instructions listed and you will be able to use it once successfully activated.

If you have failed to make the minimum payments before then the bank may have frozen or canceled your card. This means you will not be able to purchase anything with it until you have sorted the debts with the bank.
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David Hermann answered

For this you have to consult with the firm who provided this credit card. Also you can check with the help line number which was provided by them when they issued a credit card to you.

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