I want to check my balance through internet, i bank with capitec bank?


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Capitec internet banking allows clients to perform a range of actions relating to their account, as well as being able to benefit from the lowest possible transaction fees. These actions include:
  • Managing accounts
  • Checking account balances
  • Viewing statements
  • Downloading statements
  • Transferring funds
  • Making payments
In order to take advantage of these facilities, current clients of Capitec simply have to pop into their nearest branch and register. They will be given a free token as part of the registration process and will then immediately be able to sign in to their account.

Individuals who are not yet clients will need to open an account first. They will have to take their South African book of ID, as well as some proof of residence. This must be an original, not a photocopy, of something like municipal taxes and rates account, or some form of utility bill, for instance. In any case, it should be less than three months old and show the individual's name and full street address. They may then register for the internet banking facilities once their account has been established.

To access an account, a unique user name, a password and a token password have to be entered. The token passwords are an additional security measure required to access the internet banking facilities and to enable electronic transfers during sessions. As long as the token is in the possession of the account holder, it cannot be intercepted, unlike many other passwords transmitted via networks. Although the initial tokens are provided free at registration, replacements will be charged for.

To add to the convenience and security of their internet banking facilities, Capitec have created a set of demonstrations on how to safely access and use them, as well as putting a range of extra security measures into place.

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