I want to check my account balance from bank of maharashtra aurangabad branch?


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You can check your bank balance with the Maharashtra bank by using the Internet, which is ten times more convenient. Thanks to the Internet, accessing your bank account has become easier than ever. The Bank of Maharashtra is offering a range of services through the Internet now, making it one of the most convenient banks for you to use today.

  • Online services currently available
Online services that you can benefit from today include, obviously, bank account balance inquiries, your transaction history and a statement of account. You can also see account details for a variety of different accounts with the bank, a mini statement, check status inquiries, check book queries and ePayment of taxes.

  • Haven't already got Mahaconnect Internet banking?
You can get Internet banking with the Maharashtra bank, or 'Mahaconnect', by downloading the application forms from the Internet. Go to www.bankofmaharashtra.in, or you can collect the application forms you need from your nearest branch. You'll simply need to fill in all the details that are required, and send it off either electronically or in the post. Once your application has been processed, you will be provided with your own user ID, a password and a transaction password. You should keep these passwords safe as they allow you to prove who you are and successfully make online transfers.

Banking these days is becoming more and more Internet-focused. The Internet has provided us with so many benefits, and allowing us to bank whenever we want is giving us the opportunity to manage our finances so much easier. Banking online is really easy, just follow the steps that I have outlined and you will be given the services you need. Any trouble you may have, too, you can get assistance with really easy by using the 'contact us' page on the website.

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