How To Check Balance Enquiry By Using Account Number?


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There are several possible ways to check your balance by using your account number. However for most of these options you may also need your sort code or bank card.

This code identifies what bank you are with and is usually a six-digit number. The first way of checking your balance by using your account number is to head to your local branch. Once you arrive, simply go up to the cashier and ask if they can print you out a copy of your latest balance.

They should ask for either your bank card or your account number. Depending on the bank, they may also want to ask you some security questions to make sure you are indeed the owner of the account.

If you also have a bank card then you can check your balance by heading to an ATM machine. If you put your bank card into the machine it will ask you for your four-digit pin code. Once you've correctly typed in the pin code you will be asked if you want to withdraw money or if you want additional services. You need to select additional services and then select balance inquiry. You will then be able to view your balance and should also be asked if you want to print it out.

If you have an online banking account then it is also possible to check your balance by signing into the website. Once you have signed in, you can click on 'view statement' or 'view current balance'. You should also get an option to print out both your statement and current balance.
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You need to have your account set up for online banking to do so, so check with your bank to set this up
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To find out your account balance on-line, you need to have your bank or credit union explain the procedure to you. Different financial institutions have different methods for accessing account information. Usually, you need to establish a login name and a password that only you should know.

Please DO NOT POST YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. That is asking someone to steal your money.

If you can properly identify yourself over the phone, a call to your financial institution should suffice for finding your account balance.

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