What Are The Importance Of A Retail Brand?


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The definition of the American Marketing Association, the Committee had given a
definition, under the brand: The brand is intended to be used to identify one
(or group) the seller of goods or services the name, term, sign, symbol, design
or a combination thereof, and intended to be used to distinguish one (or a
group) the seller or its competitors. In fact, the meaning of the brand has
greatly been expanded, and it has been with the company's overall image of the
link is the enterprise's "face", that is, corporate image. A good brand often
makes the production of the product companies generate goodwill and eventually
the company will allow consumers to identify with other products, which can
improve the company's overall image. Therefore, the brand strategy has actually
evolved into a company to adapt to market competition and carefully cultivating
the core brand products, re-use of core products, the creation of corporate
brand image, and ultimately improve the overall image of a strategy is the
enterprise to participate in market competition as a way. This is the importance
of brand.

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