What Are The Core Competencies Of Dabur As A Brand?


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Having gained the trust of its customers and acknowledged by them as a likeable brand for which they feel a strong sense of brand loyalty, Dabur has entrenched a strong brand presence in the consumer mindsets, not only for the current customers but also the potential ones. Despite of being so diversified in nature, never once has Dabur lost its focus and has concentrated on the Ayurvedic phenomenon of nature-based products. It is the world leader in Ayurveda and has a portfolio of over 400 herbal and ayurvedic products. Moreover it is the largest Indian personal and health care company with a revenue of over 350 million dollars and a market capital of one billion dollars. Its internal core competencies are inclusive of having a healthy manufacturing setup along with the latest state of the art Research and Development facilities. In addition to that, it has a strong rating on CRISL in terms of governance and professional management.

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