What Is The Difference Between Local Retailing And National Brand Advertising?


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There are many different points that set apart the concepts of local retailing and national brand advertising. For starters, local advertising, in the context of both the sponsorship of an international chain or a local store, primarily targets only those people who are living within the vicinity of the store. Secondly national brand advertisers only tend to support the brand of the sponsor while on the other hand, the strategy of retail advertising is totally different promoting a large number of brands and sometimes even competing brands. Then comes the difference of objective and the nature of it; where retail advertising is meant for a prompt customer buying behaviour and is mainly targeting a short-term result, national brand advertising is aiming at generating brand awareness and consequently achieving long-term results. As for the fourth difference, local retail advertising has a policy of customization to some extent in relation to the promotion of the retail outlet. As for national and international brand advertising, it could be also customized but is not done in the relation of promotion of the retail outlet.

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