What Are The Advertising Objectives That A Retailer Should Formulate For Success?


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Objectives Of the Advertiser Message.
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Retail advertising becomes a whole different experience and practice specifically in terms of the cynosure on which the promotion activities and all other marketing communication methods focus upon, which is not the merchandise or the range of products that consumer advertising usually relies upon. It is actually the venue at which these products and merchandise is offered, which becomes the focus of retail advertising. Therefore the objectives that retail advertisers design to communicate their brand to the target market are slightly different from consumer advertising objectives. It is primarily inclusive of establishing a brand awareness about the retail outlet amongst the general public. Once the awareness has been established, the creation of understanding of store products and services becomes the second most important objective. Next in line is the art of convincing consumers about the ability of the retail outlet to meet their respective product / service needs. While designing these objectives, the objective that should drive all these previously mentioned goals is the objective of prompting out a buying behaviour from the target market. Lastly, the retail advertiser should also strive to establish customer loyalty for the retail brand that would lead to further visits and hence greater business.

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