How Do You Not Qualify For Unemployment?


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To qualify for unemployment, you must have unemployment insurance. If he was a direct employee of the company, in other words a W2 employee, and he meets the length of service requirement(6 months?) then he would have unemployment insurance and be eligible to collect.

With any other relationship(1099), he might not have the insurance!!!!
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He has worked there for over 2yrs and was a legit employee. My guess is he quit.. Thanks for your post.
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He may have been fired "for cause", which can include confidential matters such as failing a drug screening, even though his work and attendance were laudible.
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You do not qualify for unemployment if you lose your job by your own fault. I think this is the main reason he does not qualify.
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I was fired for tardiness and received a letter saying that I was going to get unemployment but now I received another letter stating that I was disqualified because I was fired. Can you help me out I'm confused.

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