How Can I Check My Current Account Balance In Muslim Commercial Bank?


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There are a number of ways you can check your current account with the Muslim Commercial Bank, as well as the obvious option of visiting a branch. Like most banks they offer both telephone and online accounting, although obviously these options have heavy security built in.


If you register for this service, it is vital that you keep your PIN and any other passwords very secure. Identity theft is a growing issue for all banks, employing dedicated teams constantly working to ensure total security. Over the telephone you will be able to speak to an adviser who will be able to answer your questions; letting you know the balance of your account and recent transactions. They should also be able to set up or cancel Direct Debits or standing orders.


Online banking generally gives you more information and access than telephone banking - you are given more time and allowed to view every detail of your account without an adviser. Should you have any problems or issues with your online account, there is an online support team that will be able to help and explain issues to you.

By providing these alternatives to visiting a branch, a bank is allowing their customers greater access and control of their finances. It also allows the bank to provide a 24 hour service and reduce staff costs involved in their operations. By contacting the bank you will get a full rundown of the services available to you and the security aspects involved. Banks often insist that you change your security passwords on a regular basis, as well as obvious suggestions such as not using your date of birth or any easily obtainable details in your security arrangements.

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