How Can I Check My Balance In Mcb With Account Number Online?


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Internet banking with MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) allows you to check your balance online around the clock for no charge. To access this service, all you need to do is refer to the Virtual Banking tab on the official MCB website (see and enter your ID number and account number in the separate spaces provided.

By following the above detailed steps, you can access a range of personal bank statements in a matter of minutes, all of which are kept 100% confidential and secure in accordance with the law. MCB offer mini statements, in-depth summary accounts, check book requests and utility bill payments direct from your account when you log-in online, all services which are completely free for registered customers of the company.

To make a registered account with Mauritius Commercial Bank, you must visit the official website, and fill out one of the online application forms provided. All mandatory fields must contain legitimate details before you submit your form for review. After this, you should check your registered email address for details of your customer number and password. Before you can use the online service, though, you need to provide further verification of receiving your details by ringing up the MCB Customer Call Center.

When you ring up the Call Center, you will not only have to verify your personal details, but equally, you will need to request the User ID number which you will use to log on to your account with whenever you want to check your balance or look at a statement. Furthermore, with the new mobile banking service, you can also check your bank balance details on the go using your phone handset. Mobile G and Wi-Fi connectivity networks are both supported when making use of this all-new feature, which you can discover more about at MCB's official web page.
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You can do this through the Virtual Banking tab - click here to find it. You will need your ID number as well as your account number. If you have lost any of your information or have any problems accessing your account, on the same page there are contact phone numbers where you can ask for help.

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