Is Advertisement An Economic Waste?


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Hi I am Sandeep Jain From Vellore.
First I would like to request all the readers and those who replied for this question to replied to this question.
The Q given here Is Advertisement An ECONOMIC Waste?
And here every1 replies abt the social cause and not how it helps the organization for its benefits.
No morale values given importance. Instead how effective ads increase the amount of sales and profits.
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According to me advertising is waste in some respects.
Mainly advertising are done to aware the public about the duplication of the product,but even after watching the advertisment the people inted to buy a duplicated product because of less cost.Hence the demand for the original product will be less.
And I would like to share one of the incidence that is the banners used for advertising is used for building the tents and as bedsheets by below poverty line people.Thus spending money towards advertising is of waste.
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Well, to me ,it is really a waste in some respects. If I go for  the time when there was no type of media,we had things and we get the information for better ones by communication. Every body knows, whatever advertised is made all safe and sound so don't believe. And usually go for the trusted things when remarked by salesman and people around.
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I dont think that advertisement is really a big waste as today people are in hurry
and they have no time for communicate with sellor or manufacturer to know all the feature
of a product

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