What R The Implications Of Figure-ground Relationship For Print Ads And Online Ads. How Can The Figure Ground Construct Help Or, Interfere With The Communication And Advertising Messages?


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Firstly, it is certainly worth defining what actually is figure-ground relationship.

According to figure-ground relationship is as follows:

· "A perceptual field that is divided into a figure, which is the object of focus, and a diffuse background."

This basically means that there is one main focus in the picture that instantly draws your eyes to it.

This type of photo or picture can certainly have both advantages and disadvantages for the communication and advertising of the desired message.

The advantages of using the figure-ground relationship in print and online adverts are as follows:

· Eye-catching and stands out

With a figure-ground relationship image the eye gets instantly drawn to a certain point in the picture; usually this is the main figure or item. This works great when you are aiming to focus on the one selling point which could be a beautiful model wearing the attire or a state-of-the-art designed item that almost comes off the page.

As images that have no real focal point can result in the eye becoming bored quickly and moving on to something else. This is avoided if the figure-ground relationship approach is implemented.

The disadvantages of using the figure-ground relationship in advertising is as follows:

· Part of the message can get lost

Sometimes an advert needs to say a lot. This may be by pictures alone or is usually with accompanied text. Therefore if the eye is instantly drawn to one part of the page by a stand-out image then they are unlikely to take in the rest of the page. The part the eye misses could even be the name or logo of the product and so if this doesn't register it is a fairly pointless task.

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