Is Advertisement A Social Waste?


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It is both, but not at the same time. Some forms of advertising are a drag on society, and therefore a social waste. Other forms of advertising are a useful way to get products noticed by the general public, and therefore a social gain.

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 advertisement a social waste _ before defining this one should be very clear with the point what advertisement means. Advertisement in a brief sense is a medium to send the product related message to the customer along with its various features, mentioning something about the competitors product demerits and where your product differs from other.
      without advertisement the actual needs of customer can't be satisfied because before making advertisement business firm go through a long process of customer needs and then add this feature to the product and then launch and create advertisement related this. Thus from the prospective of customer needs it is also important. It can't be said to be social waste.
      if there is advertisement business firm will come to know regarding the features of other produst and as a competition they create such a product having such a quality which the former is missing. Thus customer gets a lots of option as a choice.
      advertisement creates a lots of employment as well if we look at the depth from a sharp angle.
      Dongo, H1N1, malaria etc a lots of disease are there about which mass people are not aware, for which the wealth and social development ministry runs various programmes to prevent. In this case there is no means but the advertisement is only to send the message to the mass people. Except these disease there are also various social activities are done like information related consumer forum and all that.
      except these reasons there are also various reason for which we can never say advertisement a social waste but a social need the matter is advertisement firm biases but this biases can be said as a waste but a demerit.
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Its totally depend on the product/service..

But the main thing is from my point of view ..
When any company make the advertisement, they first see the social needs and also all other things after that they make advertisement..

So we can't say advertisement a social waste...
It may be its waste for you but for the others its not waste...

Its totally depend on your way of thoughts..

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